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find the 'fix' that fits


Each session includes an optional 10 minute guided meditation to promote balanced breathing, relaxation, and body awareness. This gives the body a chance to settle in and ease tension before starting treatment.

This is recommended and complimentary.

Abdominal bodywork, herbal compress, and Tok Sen therapy also available.

Thai by the hour

            Length       Pricing   

          60 min      $90   

          90 min      $120

          90 min      $150 (abdominal)

          120 min    $150   

          180 min    $225   

              (Package deals available.

               Contact us for details.)

Compassionate Couples work


This is a 90 minute consultation intended to assist couples in caring for each other's chronic pain issues using simple and safe techniques. Equal time will be dedicated to each person for exploring physical issues and learning a few ways to relieve those pains. Please note this is not a therapeutic session, nor is it a classroom setting course. One couple, one practitioner, 90 minutes of questions, suggestions, and demonstration. $88

Party Thai-me


Looking for that something special to add to your party? Whether it is a celebration, a corporate event, or just a girls' night in, Thai bodywork is always an excellent addition. All you need is space for a mat. Since every occasion has unique needs, we will work with you to determine the best fit. All ideas are welcomed. Contact us today.

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