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Thai Massage and Chi Ne Tsang
Offerings by the hour   

  1 hour    Thai Massage               $90   

1.5 hour   Thai Massage             $120

  2 hour    Thai Massage             $150

  3 hour    Thai Massage             $225

  X hour    +Herbal Compress      $30


1.5 hour   ChiNeTsang                $150

                  (abdominal massage)


 1 hour    Assisted Vipassana       $75 

                 (grounding relaxation) 

1 hour     Advance 1:1 Training    $50

                 (licensed therapists only) 


Learn couples Thai Massage
Compassionate Couples Consultation


This is the perfect way to care for each other's chronic pain issues using safe and simple techniques. Working together, we will dedicate equal time to each of you while exploring physical issues and teaching you ways to relieve pain for each other. This is not a therapeutic session or a classroom course; it's a one-on-one experience where you can ask questions, make suggestions, and receive demonstrations tailored to your specific needs. $75

assisted vipassana meditation healing
Assisted Vipassana

This is a 60 minute, trauma informed, somatic healing technique that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed without any human touch. You will be guided into this gentle technique for deep relaxation using tools like heated pads, weighted blankets, sound healing, guided meditations, and more. 

Revive your body, mind, and spirit. $75

Thai massage for special events
Party Thai-me


Looking for that something special to add to your party? Whether it is a celebration, a corporate event, or just a girls' night in, Thai bodywork is always an excellent addition. All you need is enough floor space for a mat. 

Since every occasion has unique needs, we will work together to determine the best fit for your event.

All ideas are welcomed. Contact us today.

Travel planning assistance for trips to Thailand
Travel Planning Assistance


Planning a trip to Thailand can be overwhelming, especially if you're looking for a specific experience like learning Thai massage or immersing in the local culture. That's why I'm offering to help you map out your itinerary and find the best establishments and sites to visit. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-timer, let's make sure your trip is an unforgettable one. Check out photos from my past trips for inspiration - click here.


Consultations starting at $50 Contact us to get started

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