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Mindfulness in motion


Things are done a little differently here.


There are many Thai bodywork/massage/yoga institutions, with most having an emphasis on sequence and technique.


Here, there is an emphasis on mindfulness, compassion, intuition, and observation. Every body is listened to closely, and then approached using techniques that seem most beneficial for them, not just an engrained sequence.


Thai bodywork is part of an ancient healing modality (Traditional Thai Medicine) believed to be developed by monks in Thailand over 2500 years ago. The intent is to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing from within.


Unlike table massage, this method takes place on a floor mat, while wearing comfortable clothing. It is a combination of deep compressions, joint mobilization, and assisted stretching, sometimes referred to as 'assisted yoga.'



  • increase mobility

  • optimize circulation

  • relieve muscle & joint tension

  • reduce stress

  • increase flexibility

  • balance energy systems of the body

  • promote a feeling of wholeness

Learning from Ajahn Pichet Boonthumme in Chiang Mai, Thailand
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