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Whether you are new to Thai bodywork or have been practicing for a while, this trip is certain to be the adventure of a lifetime. 


Not only will you spend two weeks studying with our teacher Pichest,

but you will also meet many other unique and amazing healers around Chiang Mai.  


You will experience:

*a 24-hour silent retreat


*a Thai cooking class

*tours of temples, mountains, and caves


*diverse food and walking street markets in Chiang Mai


*extensive opportunities to experience the many forms of healing practiced there 


In a nutshell: you will be immersed in Thai culture and healing traditions.  We guarantee you will learn and grow in ways you have never imagined.  


Jenn and Jes of TranquiliThai will be your guides for this Blue Lotus experience in 2019

Beyond being dedicated therapists, they are both passionate and extremely knowledgeable about Chiang Mai,

and absolutely honored to share that with you. 

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